You may be thinking about starting your own business and aren’t sure you have enough confidence or the relevant skills. Or you might be looking to take your already successful business to the next level. Perhaps you are considering a career change and aren’t sure what you want to do. You might be looking to progress your career within your existing industry or maybe you are facing redundancy and are not sure what to do next. I can help you remove any blocks that are keeping you stuck, identify your skills and strengths and work with you to create the success you want.


You may have been anxious since childhood or perhaps you suffer from social anxiety. Perhaps you have a specific phobia or you may have experienced trauma which has left you feeling vulnerable. Maybe your social anxiety prevents you from networking in the way you would like. Whether your anxiety is longstanding or more recent then we will easily get to the root cause and smash those anxious beliefs. Hypnotherapy rapidly gets to the root cause of anxiety and phobias and then obliterates any unhelpful beliefs.


You are already incredibly successful, you are happy with your wealth, confidence and weight. You feel as though none of the previous categories really apply to you. You almost have it all but your health means that you aren’t able to enjoy your success in the way you would like. You may have a long term health condition, perhaps you suffer from chronic pain or skin complaints. Maybe you have frequent migraines or other debilitating episodes. RTT will get to the root of the problem and improve your health, giving you the freedom to enjoy your life to the full.


You find it difficult to get yourself out there and promote your business. Perhaps you find public speaking difficult or you aren’t confident enough to launch new products or be visible as the face of your business online. For some reason you don’t 100% belief in yourself and your abilities. You are successful but there’s a part of you that is waiting to be found out, you feel like an imposter. We will identify the real reason for your lack of confidence and we will then rewire your mind to give you powerful self belief.


You may be a yo-yo dieter or maybe you have hit middle age and found that you have put weight on. Perhaps you have a sweet tooth and can’t resist chocolate or sweets. Maybe you have struggled with your weight for years or you have a medical condition that affects your weight. You may fall into one of the following categories: emotional eater, addictive eater, habitual eater or destructive eater. Whatever your issue with food I will help you understand your relationship with food and will change your eating habits forever, using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP. 


You earn a lot but spend it all or you can’t pay yourself what you want. You find it difficult to discuss money with clients. You seem to have reached a plateau when it comes to your turnover and profit. You feel guilty about having so much wealth or you worry about losing it all. You achieve so much but then you self-sabotage to stop yourself from being too successful. We will rapidly find out the unconscious reason for your money blocks and we will then intercept these and install new empowering beliefs. Coaching will help you achieve your money goals. 

The tools and techniques we use deliver rapid, long-lasting, life changing results. Our clients have experienced extraordinary transformations leaving them free to live the life they want.

We create bespoke packages for every client based on their individual situation and what they want to achieve.

We offer both short term and long term coaching packages, incorporating either Rapid Transformational Therapy™ or Time Line Therapy® and I also offer stand alone sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy™.

We are experienced in working with a wide range of issues and have been able to deliver incredible results for clients using our unique approach.

If you would like to know more about the techniques we use and how these can help you achieve in all areas of your life then book a consultation now.

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