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The Brightcomet Method

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to help you achieve your goals. The combination of these processes produces amazing results, much more effectively than if you were to use hypnotherapy or coaching in isolation. I work with both your conscious and unconscious mind, which is why my method is so successful; it truly is transformative on all levels.

I am trained in a number of types of hypnosis including RTT. RTT was created by world renowned therapist, speaker and author Marisa Peer. It is a pioneering therapy based on neuroscience which offers fast, effective results. RTT can deliver extraordinary, long lasting changes by reframing the beliefs, values, habits and emotions that are held deep in your unconscious.

I am also privileged to have been trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy ® by the inspirational Claire Hegarty, one of the most experienced Hypnotherapists in the UK. 

Coaching is a process that helps improve performance in any area of life, whether that be business or personal. As a coach I believe that you already have the necessary resources inside you and I am there to help you unlock your potential and maximise results.


We start with an initial assessment and goal setting session. During this session we really drill down into the detail of your goals so I understand exactly what you want to achieve. We identify what you want your life to be like by the end of the transformation package.


Using RTT or Time Line Therapy ® we explore your unconscious mind to uncover any potential blocks or issues that are limiting your success. We then remove these blocks and install powerful new beliefs which align with your goals. By the end of the session you will already feel a powerful shift as your transformation begins.


During this time we use our 1:1 coaching sessions to help your conscious and unconscious minds realign with your new beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 



Once your new beliefs and behaviours have been embedded you are ready to thrive! Now is the time for you to reach new heights; you will feel vivified, confident, empowered and ready to enjoy your success now that your transformation is complete. You will now officially be a bright comet!

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