Whether you want to reduce your money worries or to make more money to increase your opportunities, it is important to improve your money mindset. 

Your money mindset is your frame of mind with regards to your personal finances. By perceiving money as an unlimited resource once you implement the right plan and skills, you will be opening yourself up to a positive mindset that can increase your ability to make money. By working hard, researching and applying the right strategies you can achieve the success you want in your finances. 

Thoughts such as, ‘you have to work hard to earn money’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘you have to save for a rainy day’ are creating a barrier and need to be eliminated. Begin by recognising self-sabotaging thoughts in order to begin the change in how you view your money-making abilities. Without changing your relationship with money and continually implementing the same habits, the same results will be inevitable.  

When those negative thoughts start to creep in, try talking to yourself as you would to a friend. You would give your friend positive affirmations and tell them that they can achieve anything they put their mind to.  

Start focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Create images in your mind of the future you want. This visualisation and knowledge of what you want is crucial to achieving your goals. 

Be open to learning new skills in order to begin implementing your financial goals and opening up new opportunities. Your new open mindset will make it possible to start shaping new future habits and beliefs towards money.  

Improving your money mindset is about putting yourself in the best position to make financial choices. Your beliefs will drive your behaviour and ensuring they are positive beliefs will lead you to positive results. 

Learn from mistakes, use it as feedback and don’t take it personally. You may not have achieved what you set out to achieve but by continuing to be positive and not allowing those negative beliefs to take over, you will have learned to deal with setbacks in your financial goals with positivity and determination. 

Coaching could help you to understand your current money mindset and to unpick those beliefs in order to then start shaping them into positive and successful beliefs. A good coach will dig deep with powerful questioning techniques to help you identify the root cause of your mindset and then provide ongoing support as you work through your plan.