Rapid Transformational Therapy was created by world renowned therapist Marisa Peer. With over 30 years of therapy practice and studying the mind, Marisa has taken the best and most effective practices and combined these to develop this unique therapy.

Its uniqueness is, in part due to the permanent results it rapidly achieves. Trained therapists can now use this range of tools and techniques to deliver results faster than those gained with traditional therapies.  

RTT is a hybrid therapy, utilising elements of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy. It is based on neuroscience, which has proven that long-term changes are possible due to neuroplasticity which makes rewiring the mind possible.

RTT rapidly rewires the neural pathways in your brain meaning that lasting change is possible in just one session. Therefore, RTT goes beyond traditional therapies to deliver extraordinary, lasting changes by reframing the beliefs, values, habits and emotions that are held deep in the unconscious mind. 

Primarily, hypnotherapy is used to access the unconscious mind. This relaxed state will help to trace the root of the negative behaviours and habits. You and your therapist can then begin to interpret these events and replace those beliefs through positive reinforcement, understanding and the power of transformation.  

RTT may sound similar to NLP and some aspects are used. But, although NLP teaches you how to take control of the mind and lead a more positive perspective on life, RTT has the added, essential techniques to understand and fix the limiting beliefs and blocks that may surface.  

“I am a great believer that we can’t fix what we don’t understand… understand how and why your mind operates you can then work with it, instead of against it, to learn how to control your thoughts and get all the changes you want.” – Marisa Peer 

Accessing and understanding the unconscious mind are at the core of RTT. The therapy can therefore be used to breakthrough and overcome many challenges such as addictions, stress, guilt, anxiety and depression. RTT techniques can also help to increase confidence and self-esteem, achieve professional goals or resolve weight issues.  

I have been trained by Marisa and am one of only 700 RTT therapists in the UK. I am equipped with the techniques to help you achieve incredible results using this pioneering therapy. As part of this therapy we will work together to look at the areas that can help you to work on in order to lead the life that you want. I will also provide you with tools to maintain the powerful transformation you will experience during your session.