Facing redundancy can create feelings of fear and uncertainty, leading to emotional strain. The sudden feeling of the rug being pulled out from underneath you with regards to income and stability can lead to a range of negative emotions.

The global lockdown has unfortunately led to many people facing unexpected redundancies, adding to the already present feelings of unease and concern in the face of the pandemic and so here are my tips to regain some control and reframe the challenges you may be facing following redundancy:

Manage your money

Of course, the first course of action is to find out your legal rights. Understand what to expect in regards to severance pay and notice period in order to plan your next steps accordingly. It is also important to review your finances and cancel any direct debits for things you don’t use.

Enjoy the break

Make the most of the time that you have gained and focus on the things you enjoy, spending time with loved ones, reading or catching up with your favourite TV show. It could finally be the time to have that clear out or upcycle that furniture and remember to not feel guilty for enjoying this break.


Don’t shy away from difficult conversations about feelings or finance, try to be open and honest when discussing your feelings and worries with those closest to you. Redundancy is not something to take personally or a reason to feel ashamed. It could be that you don’t want to worry your family and so seeking out a professional to support you through this time may be more beneficial.

Celebrate achievements

While it is easy to believe a redundancy is a reflection of your abilities, it is not. Hold on to the experiences, skills and achievements you have gained within that role and although the role has been taken away, your skills and abilities have not diminished.

Focus on your mindset

The fear of uncertainty can lead to negative thought patterns and emotions and so try to focus on the things within your control. Creating a positive and flexible mindset when planning your next steps is key, this could be the perfect time to start a new venture you’ve been putting off or to take time to identify your skills and strengths to re-evaluate your goals and passions.

Health and well-being

Take time for your well-being, keeping active and getting outdoors can boost mental well-being. Mindfulness or meditation can also help to limit and block out those negative thoughts. Ensure you’re eating a healthy diet as this will also boost your energy levels and well-being.

If you find that self-limiting talk and beliefs are still creeping in, leaving you feeling stuck, my Breakthrough Session is designed to clear out these limiting thoughts, replacing them with empowering and positive beliefs. Breakthrough Sessions produce long-lasting, life changing results and have a positive impact in all areas of life. This could be the solution to your health, happiness and success as you experience the change you desire now.