With Spring here and Easter around the corner this is the time of year when we think about spring cleaning our home. It is equally important to spring clean your life! Here are my top five tips to help you declutter your mind and your life:

  1. Clear your mind. Take time out to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment. Studies have shown that it can lower the stress hormone cortisol, can lead to better sleep, increase grey matter in the brain and reduce anxiety and depression.
  2. Review your finances. Look at how much money is coming in and what is going out. Cancel any direct debits for things you do not use (that gym membership, the magazine subscription for the magazine you never read?). Download a money management app such as Plum which analyses your spending and automatically transfers money into a savings account. A few pounds a week can really add up.
  3. Practice self care. Build time into your schedule for yourself. Self care is important in maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, it recharges your batteries so you have more energy for relationships and work and has many positive health benefits.
  4. Clear out your inbox. Move emails into folders, delete the ones you don’t need and unsubscribe from the emails that you don’t read.
  5. Look at your diet. Ensure you are eating 5-7 different fruit and veg a day. Cut out sugar and processed foods. Add more healthy fats to your diet. Make sure you are eating grains and pulses. Overhauling your diet can have beneficial effects on your physical health, your brain and your energy levels.

If you feel that now is the ideal time for you to spring clean your life this would be a perfect opportunity for you to work with me. My Breakthrough Session is designed to clear out old negative emotions and limiting decisions that are keeping you stuck. We look at your values, beliefs, behaviours and thoughts replacing unhelpful ones with empowering and positive beliefs before setting goals which are designed around how you want your life to be after your transformation. NLP Coaching will support you in making changes in your life so you can create the future that you deserve.

Breakthrough Sessions can be targeted on business and career, health, relationships or family. They produce long-lasting, life changing results and have a positive impact in all areas of life. A Breakthrough Session could be the solution to your health, happiness and success as you experience the change you desire now.