Time Line Therapy®️ was created by Dr Tad James and has been used since 1986 to heal emotional traumas and to eradicate unwanted emotions, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and behaviours.

The aim of Time Line Therapy®️ is to unconsciously change behaviour patterns so that you react to situations with an appropriate level of emotion and so you do not react in the here and now based on old emotions linked to past life events. It effectively severs the links between past significant emotional events and now.

In NLP your timeline is how you unconsciously store all of your memories. Once your practitioner has established where your timeline is in relation to your body they will work with you to release past emotions linked to negative experiences. As this process is working with your unconscious mind and does not involve you having to discuss in detail any past events the change happens in minutes rather than weeks or months.

Time Line Therapy®️ results in long lasting change, quickly and easily. Your practitioner will teach you a collection of techniques that allow you to gain control of your emotions in all areas of your life. It has been described as a full emotional and mental reset as it gets rid of all phobias, fears, negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Whereas traditional talk therapy requires you to revisit problems, Time Line Therapy®️ is unique in that it is highly effective in just one session without the need to re-experience traumatic memories or emotions. Your practitioner will be communicating with your unconscious mind to help free you from the emotional baggage that you have been carrying round.

This unique technique produces fast, long term behavioural change leaving you free to create and achieve new goals. It can be used for both personal growth and development or for business, helping you achieve and maintain excellence.

Once you have been liberated from your past emotions and beliefs you are free to create more positive, empowering beliefs which will help you live a more fulfilling and happy life.