Would it surprise you to find out that 44% of women stay with their current employer because of work life balance? New research by Aviva has confirmed which benefits employees find most valuable and work life balance came out top with females. Annual leave and flexible working were also in the top 3 benefits that people most wanted, suggesting that people value their time away from the office.


A staggering 52% of women thought a ‘wellness allowance’ would be beneficial, however only 38% of employers would be prepared to offer this. Typically where offered this allowance ranged from £400-£1200 per annum with employees using this to fund anything from gym memberships to mindfulness courses to help them stay mentally fit and well at work.


With well being at work being seen as something that employers are expected to prioritise it is something that no business can afford to ignore. Promoting health and well being at work creates a healthier, happier workforce and can in turn lead to less employee absence and a lower turnover of staff. Long term this will reduce costs for the business.


So how does hypnotherapy fit into this theme of work life balance and well being at work? Hypnotherapy can be used for a wide range of common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. It can help increase confidence and self esteem as well as improve the symptoms of physical illnesses. Hypnotherapy can also have a positive impact on pain management. Being able to address any of these issues quickly and effectively would be of benefit to both employee and employer.


If you are an employer and you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help your employees remain happy and healthy then please get in touch.