Nourish the Mind, Body and Soul

Hello I’m Rae Davies, founder of brightcomet.

I am a finance and wealth coach, working with women to overcome limiting beliefs about money so that they can increase their income, charge what they are worth and create more wealth. 

I can help you overcome fear, anxiety and overwhelm about money and finances. By transforming your money mindset you can free yourself to create wealth on demand. By understanding where your money beliefs have come from you can be empowered to create new thoughts and beliefs about money. 

Together we can look at your money habits and create short and long term money goals so that you feel more confident about your money situation. 

Women I have worked with have reported increased confidence with their finances, improved wealth, increased income and business success. 

Wherever you are in your financial journey I can help you. 

I truly believe you can have it all and I would love to help you achieve it. I create bespoke packages for every client based on their individual situation so if you want to live a life of wealth, abundance and joy.